Patient education is one part of the process of raising the standard of healthcare services. The better informed the patient is, the more willing he or she will be to cooperate with medical staff. The aim of such cooperation is partnership and a relationship based on mutual respect and trust.

Who is the patient?

A patient is anyone who is already receiving or requesting health services, whether sick or healthy.

Who is obliged to respect and fulfil the rights of the patient?

  • Health care entities such as: public authorities competent in health care (in particular: Minister of Health, provincial governor, local government units at all levels: commune, district, voivodeship), National Health Fund, self-governments of medical professions, manufacturers of medicines, medicinal products, medical devices and pharmacies.
  • Treatment providers such as hospitals, clinics, health centres, dispensaries, care and treatment facilities, nursing care facilities, diagnostic laboratories, research and development units, medical, nursing and midwifery practices.
  • Health professionals: doctors, nurses, midwives, diagnosticians, physiotherapists, paramedics and other healthcare professionals.
  • Any other person involved in the process of providing health services.

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