You are needed. Building intergenerational dialogue and social inclusion. The Polish and Norwegian context.

The project comprises three components in a Polish-Norwegian partnership: a scientific conference in Poland (No. I), a scientific and cultural panel in Norway (No. II) and the establishment of an Intergenerational House in Poznań (No. III).

Horizontal objectives of the project:
- Strengthen bilateral cooperation between Poland and Norway in building social capital in local communities based on social education and cultural heritage of Poland and Norway,
- building an intergenerational and intercultural bridge, by integrating and fostering social solidarity based on the activities of the Intergenerational House, as a platform for cultivating and enhancing the well-being of the stakeholder groups to which the project is dedicated (senior citizens, etc.).
Specific objectives:
- improving the well-being of several social groups - especially those at risk of exclusion, such as senior citizens, people with disabilities, refugees,
- tackling social exclusion,
- activating seniors,
- the transfer of knowledge between intercultural assistants from Poland and Norway - and the subsequent strengthening of bilateral relations,
- counteracting stereotypes about young and older people and improving mutual understanding and trust.

The initiative 'You are needed. Building intergenerational dialogue and social inclusion. Polish and Norwegian context." benefits from a grant of €140,900 received from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway under the Norwegian and EEA Funds.

  1. Conference and intergenerational picnic in Poznań