The Institute has been a signatory to the Code of Ethics for Patient Organisations since 2014 and adopted the Charter of Good Governance Principles in 2022. In accordance with the adopted regulations, the Institute is guided in its activities by the principles of integrity and honesty, in particular with a view to openness and transparency. In its cooperation with public, social or private entities, this cooperation is based on the principle of mutual respect for the mission, tasks and commitments of each entity as expressed in their statutes, codes and regulations, and on the principle of independence. Cooperation with other patient organisations is based on the principles of partnership and mutual support in the implementation of their activities and, where there is a conflict of recognised values, this is done with tolerance and recognition of the right of others to have a different opinion.

The Institute in its cooperation is obliged to respect each other's personal rights, in particular image, privacy and confidentiality.

Institutions and the pharmaceutical industry must not use their legal and financial advantage, but cooperate with organisations as social experts and advocates for patients' interests. The principles and scope of cooperation between patient organisations and the pharmaceutical industry can be found at:

Institutional cooperation: