Project period: 15 March 2021 - 15 May 2023

Coalition for Health is a programme addressed to patient organisations from all over Poland, with a particular focus on small or emerging organisations. The project responds to the needs of the environment and is supported by an in-depth analysis, and through a series of audits, the development and introduction of a charter of good governance principles, the launch of an expert support centre and dedicated training, it will contribute to building a strong position for organisations in the health sector. In addition, it will improve the organisation's image, management standards and influence the development of their competencies. The project is strengthened by the broad partnership with the largest patient coalitions in Poland.


  1. Audits (04.2021-11.2021)

A formal audit will be carried out for 7 organisations (in agreement with the partners). Written conclusions of the audit will be communicated to the organisation concerned. A training course will be organised for each organisation. The audit itself will take the form of an evaluation of the organisation and will aim to develop the organisation. It will therefore always end with specific recommendations and guidelines for implementation, both for the audited organisation and for the sector. Ultimately, the audit is also intended to provide closer information on the specifics of the entire NGO sector, identifying areas where they are particularly vulnerable and to which they should pay most attention. Audits will be carried out for a limited number of NGOs, but enough to produce a report on the basis of these audits, which will serve as a basis for further activities in developing and implementing systemic changes in our environment.

  1. Work of the Working Group (11.2021-12.2021)

A Working Group of experts and NGO representatives will be established to develop, on the basis of the Summary Report, recommendations for NGOs and a Charter of Principles of Good Governance together with a self-assessment questionnaire. The recommendations and charter developed by the group will be a kind of guideline for leaders in transparent and accountable organisation management. The self-assessment tool will help to carry out a self-assessment of the organisation once a year.

  1. Work of the Implementation Group (02.2022-05.2022)

An Implementation Group will be set up to broadly implement the recommendations and charter.

  1. Online audit training (04.2022)

On the basis of the report and recommendations, an online training course will be organised for all interested organisations. during which the most relevant findings of the audits will be discussed. The Charter will also be presented together with a self-assessment questionnaire.

  1. Patient Organisation Support Centre (04.2021-05.2023)

All interested organisations will be able to benefit from free expert assistance in their chosen field. There will be experts available to NGOs (lawyer, communication specialist, accounting specialist, health expert, RODO, fundraiser, wordpress support). CWOP will also be a kind of helpdesk for NGOs having problems with the implementation of the Charter and the self-assessment questionnaire. Counselling by phone, in person, through social communicators - form to be chosen by appointment with the Counselling Coordinator. The CWOP envisages the development of 7 new websites for small organisations and the support of a graphic designer (100 projects) who will prepare designs of posters, leaflets, other graphics needed in their current activities.

  1. Szkolenia/Webinary (05.2021-05.2022)

There will be 6 trainings for organisations - one on-site and 5 on-line. The content of the training will be prepared by experts in the field of issues reported in the questionnaires, including 1)compliance with doctor's recommendations, 2)the health care system 3)promotion on the web, 4)public consultation 5)doctor-patient relationship and 6)formal and legal aspects of running an organisation.

  1. Information and promotional activities including conferences (03.2021-05.2023)

Information and communication activities about the project, planned activities, results will be carried out by an experienced communication and PR specialist. These activities will also include ongoing communication with patient organisations, invitations to participate in conferences/training, information on emerging project news and maintenance of a project information sub-site.

Institutional development:

  1. Formal and legal audit of the IPPEZ (June 2021 - August 2021)
  2. Web maintenance administrator (April 2021 - April 2023)


The results of the project will be used in the long term to further the activities not so much of the applicant but of the patient organisation sector.


7 NGO audits + recommendations for audited NGOs

7 post-audit training courses

1 Summary report of the audits as a starting point for further work on recommendations and a charter of principles Recommendations for all patient organisations developed by the Working Group

1 Charter of Good Governance Principles

1 Patient organisation leader self-assessment questionnaire

1 online training for all org. Patients

6 trainings - 1 onsite and 5 online for patient orgs (all will be recorded and made available online)

7 CWOP websites

100 graphics for org. Patients (e.g. logos, invitations, posters, etc.).

200 hours of expert advice within the CWOP


  1. Federation of Polish Patients
  2. Polish Coalition of Cancer Patients


Grant amount: EUR 117 850.00 (100%)


Igor Grzesiak -

The project "Coalition for Health" is implemented with a grant from the programme Active Citizens - National Fund financed by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Funds.. 

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Training on 'How to act efficiently, effectively and lawfully' on 25.04. in Krakow and 27.04. in Gdansk.

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Online training course "Communication in patient advocacy organisations"

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Training on the Good Governance Charter, Self-Assessment Questionnaire and recommendations for patient organisations

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Free offer of translation into Ukrainian for patient organisations

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Charter of Good Governance Principles, Self-Assessment Questionnaire and recommendations for patient organisations

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Training entitled 'NGO activities - responsibilities and consequences'.

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Online training on 'Dialogue and the lawmaking process in health care'

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Free interpretation within the Patient Organisation Support Centre

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Online training course entitled 'Health system - current data'.

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Online training - "Patient - medical professional relationships in clinical communication"

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Online training on physician adherence and communication in the treatment process

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Patient Organisation Support Centre launched

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