Project page:

In Poland, there are more than 8,000 non-governmental organisations involved in health protection and promotion. Most of them are small, locally active associations that carry out many initiatives to support patients and their families against various health problems. Many of them operate on a micro-scale. They are limited by finances, lack of qualified staff and access to innovations that facilitate the operation of the foundation or organisation. Network for Health is an initiative to change this.

The Network for Health project was established in 2015. It is addressed to all patient organisations operating in Poland. The aim of the initiative is to strengthen the voice of patient organisations in society, integrate the environment and exchange information on important initiatives and events related to health care in Poland and the European Union.

Our intention is to raise the competence of patient organisation staff, to inspire, and to provide an interesting platform for sharing experiences and connecting people involved in health and patient advocacy.

As part of the project, we are organising periodic Healthy Awakening meetings, the aim of which is, on the one hand, to provide participants with inspirational tips and ideas to help them manage their organisation in line with new trends related to social activity and, on the other hand, to integrate the NGO's environment and initiate collegial cooperation between leaders. Each meeting will deal with a different topic: communication, management, finance or psychology and will be an opportunity to exchange views and discuss with experts.

One element of the project is also a portal www.siecdlazdrowia.plwhich is Poland's largest knowledge base of people and organisations working in the field of health, as well as a virtual space dedicated to NGO's employees in the field of health.