On the initiative of the Institute for Patients' Rights and Health Education, as part of the 'Better Sight, Better Life' campaign, an exhibition presenting the stories of people who have undergone cataract surgery was created. It will be on display from 23-28 November in the Main Hall of Warsaw's Central Railway Station. Research carried out for the 'Better Sight, Better Life' campaign, which aims to raise awareness of cataracts and their treatment, found that as many as 38% of patients with the disease were unable to perform simple daily activities and one in four had become more dependent on others[1]. What is life like for cataract patients before and after surgery? [1] Survey as part of the 'Better Sight, Better Life' campaign.

A 'Charter of Rights for Cataract Patients' has also been developed. Its creation aims to increase patients' awareness of how they can influence the quality of their treatment. The document emphasises the right to be treated in accordance with current medical knowledge, to be fully informed of all available treatment options and to have a say in the medical devices used, including intraocular lenses in particular. The creation of the 'Charter of Patients' Rights in Cataracts' was primarily aimed at extracting from the entire set of universal patient rights those that are closest to the problems of cataract patients. The document should contribute to improving the quality of treatment and life of cataract patients in Poland.

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