Melanoma patient pathway at NIO Gliwice

Modern melanoma treatment requires the cooperation of many specialists. With a camera, we went to the institute in Gliwice to see how melanoma patients are treated there.

The moment of melanoma diagnosis is always very difficult for the patient. Fear of the unknown, fear of treatment, concern for loved ones and a shared future come to mind. All these emotions are not a bad thing, but in order to help patients deal with them more easily, we have prepared a report in which we show step by step what the path of a patient diagnosed and treated for melanoma looks like. Thanks to the kindness, but above all the enormous commitment of the Skin Cancer and Melanoma Team from the Gliwice branch of the National Cancer Institute, we have the opportunity to show how the fate of a patient diagnosed with melanoma unfolds. In our film, we get to know the specialists involved in diagnosing and treating melanoma, take a peek into the imaging and genetics lab, and see what radiotherapy is all about for melanoma patients.

Treating melanoma is a complex process that requires the cooperation of many specialists. Their task is to identify the disease extremely accurately in order to offer the patient almost tailor-made treatment. In our report, walking the corridors of the Gliwice institute, we meet not only doctors, but also patients, nurses and the oncology treatment coordinator. They all form a team here, fighting for the health of the patients.