Smoking is a chronic disease that, if untreated, can be fatal. Although it attacks slowly and is sometimes asymptomatic for many years, it always leads to serious complications. Hypertension, heart attacks, respiratory diseases or carcinogenic cell changes are among the many possible consequences of smoking.

The slow and often years-long asymptomatic destruction of the body by cigarettes was the inspiration for our 'No More Cigarettes' campaign and based the communication on a series of advertisements for fictional crime novels, where the role of the killer is played by a cigarette.

This resulted in campaign posters that, like the bestselling detective stories in the 'Smoke Series', tell the tragic stories of cigarette victims, i.e. 'Diaries of a Serial Killer', 'Millet in the Heart' or 'To the Loss of Breath'.

The campaign aimed to reach smokers' awareness in an unconventional way in places where they least expect it - libraries, popular bookshops and smoking rooms.

The campaign partners were: Polish Cardiac Society, Polish Lung Disease Society, Warsaw Medical University, Polish Federation of Asthma, Allergy and COPD Patients, Brain Stroke Foundation, Prof. Zbigniew Religa Cardiac Surgery Development Foundation, Carint, Cardiovascular Foundation, Journalist Health Promotion Club. Warsaw downtown libraries, bookshops MiTo, Tarabuk, Tajne Komplety, Zła Buka and Litera Cafe, as well as the lubimyczytać.pl and kampaniespoł portals also joined the campaign. Pfizer is a patron of the campaign.