The Institute for Patients' Rights and Health Education is a partner of the Ius Medicinae Foundation in the implementation of the project 'Code of Ethics as a fundamental tool to enhance civic participation in transparent and accountable patient organisations'. , which aims to develop and implement a Code of Ethics for patient organisations. The overarching aim of the Code is to increase the transparency and greater professionalisation of patient organisations and to build a positive image of these bodies among their stakeholders. The Code also aims to uphold the highest ethical standards of cooperation between patient organisations and institutional partners.

The aim of the Code is first and foremost to ensure that all non-governmental organisations working for the benefit of the patient not only function in accordance with the requirements of the applicable law, but also adhere to the highest ethical standards in their cooperation with public administration, business and others whose primary objective is the welfare of the patient.

Signatories of the Code may be non-governmental organisations acting for the benefit of patients, registered in accordance with the Polish legal order, whose founding documents as goals and tasks have as their primary objective to work for the benefit of the patient. In order to become a signatory to the Code, a written declaration must be submitted in accordance with the model constituting Appendix 2 of the Code and a declaration must be submitted to the Education and Ethics Council.



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