Three million Poles suffer from diabetes (including more than 700 000 people who do not know it)*. The disease is accompanied by a risk of hypoglycaemia, and some of its symptoms may̨ be mistaken for intoxication̨. Such mistakes can be tragic for people with diabetes.

The campaign is aimed at people who may confuse hypoglycaemia (a sudden drop in body sugar), which is one of the complications of diabetes, with alcohol intoxication. However, hypoglycaemia is a life-threatening condition, so a person with diabetes experiencing an episode of hypoglycaemia may need help.

Hypoglycaemia manifests itself in a variety of ways, one of which may be unintelligible, rambling pronunciation, and a person working at a computer at the time may suddenly not hit the keyboard when typing. Hence the idea to create a translator on the website and use it to create unintelligible social media posts.

The website www also provides basic information on diabetes, hypoglycaemia and prompts for responsible behaviour when symptoms of hypoglycaemia are observed in a person with diabetes, as well as tips for patients themselves on proper diabetes control and treatment.

The campaign was developed by the Institute for Patients' Rights and Health Education, the Diabetes Coalition, the National Federation of Diabetes Care Organisations, the Association for Aid to Children and Young People with Diabetes and the campaign's patron Novo Nordisk.