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The main objective of the project is to enable patient organisations to access legal advice on patient rights and the health care system as well as to professionalise the leaders of this community (self-advocates) so that they can more effectively advocate for the benefit of patients and their families. The training activities will include the delivery of a series of onsite and online workshops on topics previously requested by the leaders, including psychology, RODO, communication and PR, the health system, collaboration with stakeholders and patient rights. The use of modern tools will allow a wide range of patient organisations to participate. The project responds to the important needs reported by patient organisations for training, consultation and support for this community. Its implementation will contribute to the development of the competencies of patient organisation leaders, strengthen their position among stakeholders and allow them to more effectively implement their mission for the benefit of patients.


1. Patients' Rights Clinic (March 2021 - August 2022)

Free legal advice on patient rights, advice on how to participate in public consultations for organisations working in the field of health care.

2. classroom training and webinars (May 2021 - August 2022)

Residential training for approximately 20 people in Warsaw on the following topics: 1) patient rights (access to services, right to consent, right to pain management, right to information - the most frequent questions from organisations), 2) psychology (self advocacy support, 'professional' burnout), 3) the health care system, 4) collaboration with stakeholders, 5) communication/PR and 6) RODO. The trainings will be recorded and made available on the Institute's YouTube channel in order to reach as many patient organisations as possible with the message.

3. expert analysis and material for (January 2021 - August 2022)

The third activity will be the development of the website as a platform for sharing experiences and connecting people involved in health and patient advocacy. Once a month, an article or analysis prepared by experts cooperating with the trainings will appear on a sub-site,, in which a selected issue from the area of a given expert will be discussed (with reference to the current situation in the health care system). The expert elaborations will also constitute a knowledge base for organisations on the participation and role of patient organisations in the processes shaping the health care system.

4. launch and closing conferences (February 2021, June 2022)

Press conferences with journalists and representatives of patient organisations informing about the project, planned activities, expected and, at the end of the project, achieved results.

5. information and communication activities (January 2021 - August 2022)

Information and communication activities about the project, planned activities, expected and at the end of the project achieved results. Ongoing communication with patient organisations, invitations to participate in conferences/training, information on emerging legislation in public consultation, information on emergence of training recordings. Maintenance of a project information sub-site.

Institutional development:

  1. English language learning (January 2021 - June 2022)
  2. Editor of the websites run by IPPEZ and of the Institute's social profiles (January 2021 - August 2022)



6 conducted and recorded training sessions for patient organisations

Approximately 180-270 pieces of legal advice over the course of the project.

20 expert articles/analyses on the website. The expert studies will also provide a knowledge base for organisations on the participation and role of patient organisations in processes shaping the health care system.


Through the project, organisations will learn more about the processes that shape the health care system, which in turn will allow them to better plan and target their activities in the future. They will learn how to interpret patients' rights, how to enforce their rights by those who are obliged to do so, and how to work to avoid professional burnout. 


Grant applied for: EUR 58 207.00 (90%)

Own contribution: EUR 6 468.00 (10%)

Project coordinator - Marta Kulpa (contact:


The "Network for Health" project is implemented with a grant from the Active Citizens - National Fund programme funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Funds. 





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  1. On 1 March 2021, the free Patients' Rights Clinic for healthcare organisations will be launched. go to information


As part of the Counselling Centre's activities, we inform patient organisations about public consultations on important legislation from the point of view of organisations working in the field of health care:

  1. Draft Act amending the Act on prevention and control of infections and infectious diseases in humans and certain other acts
  2. Draft regulation of the Minister of Health on the system managing patient handling modes in a hospital emergency department



  1. Medical Fund: a bittersweet pill for patients; Wojciech Wisniewski
  2. The organisational standard of teleportation in primary care as a guarantee of the quality of health services; Dr Dorota Karkowska
  3. Patients' rights - is there an opportunity to strengthen them?; Jakub Gołąb
  4.  Circulation of documentation in times of coronavirus pandemic in NGOs; Monika Stemplewska, advocate and Aleksandra Sobisz, lawyer
  5.  Emerging from the pandemic - the oncology patient's perspective; psycho-oncologist Adrianna Sobol
  6. Abolishing caps in specialist care - what does it mean for patients?; Wojciech Wisniewski
  7.  Medical devices - what they are, labelling, financing; The expert team of the Polish Chamber of Commerce of Medical Devices "POLMED"
  8. A brief analysis of the Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety Act; Jakub Gołąb
  9.  Models of the doctor-patient relationship; Prof. Dr. Paweł Łuków
  10. Adherence to medical advice and communication with the patient; Prof. Dr. Paweł Łuków
  11. Good governance in a patient organisation; Katarzyna Sadło
  12. Working with companies - what is worth bearing in mind?; Katarzyna Sadło
  13. Application of digital accessibility legislation by NGOs; Monika Stemplewska, advocate
  14. NOT ONLY CASH PAYMENTS: the business of foundations and associations; Michał Rytel
  15. The Immunization Compensation Fund - what is it and what is it about?; Jakub Gołąb
  16. Government Interim Health Programme to secure health care for Ukrainian Refugees in Poland for 2022-2023; Igor Grzesiak
  17. 1st Congress on the Humanisation of Medicine; Igor Grzesiak
  18.  Council of Patients' Organisations of the Minister of Health - summary of first months of operation; Igor Grzesiak
  19. Clinical trials in Poland; Igor Grzesiak
  20. Medical experiments - what they are and what their legal status is; Aleksandra Sobisz, lawyer, Stanisław Skrzypek, legal assistant



1) Training entitled. "Patient participation in health policy making" - conducted by Wojciech Wisniewski, 17 June 2021. - invitation


2) Training entitled. "Patients' rights - your rights" - conducted by Dr Dorota Karkowska, 24 June 2021. - invitation


3) Training entitled. "Tools for building a good reputation - an overview of patient organisation activities" - conducted by Krzysztof Suszek, 8 September 2021. - invitation


4) Training entitled. "RODO - principles of personal data processing, in accordance with the EU RODO regulation". - conducted by r. pr. Michał Rytel, 16 September 2021. - invitation


5) Training entitled. "Patient guide, carer, support. How to be a good support without losing yourself?" - conducted by Adrianna Sobol, psychologist -. invitation


The trainings will be recorded and made available on the Institute's YT channel.

6) Training entitled. "Health care system in Poland from the patient's perspective - AD 2022". - conducted by Dr. n. med. Jakub Gierczyński - invitation






        1) Invitation letter and footage from the conference

       2) Press release



       1) Invitation to the closing conference

      2) Footage from the closing conference