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The incidence of malignant tumours in Poland has more than doubled over the past three decades. In 2011, more than 140 000 Poles contracted malignant tumours. Fortunately, we are getting better at detecting cancer and treating it. Medicine is moving forward. Cancer treatment options are increasing, and there is a great deal of research into new drugs worldwide, resulting in more and more effective therapeutic options. Genetics and molecularly targeted therapies are becoming increasingly important.

TARGET CANCER is a project that aims to raise awareness of personalised medicine and molecular diagnostics and is aimed at cancer patients and their relatives who, having received a diagnosis, are seeking reliable information on the next steps and treatment options for their cancer.

The portal aims to provide an overview of the most important issues related to molecular targeted therapy and molecular diagnostics that can be used to treat selected cancers.

Partners are: OnkoCafe, the Warsaw-Centre Amazon Association, the Flower of Womanhood, the Polish Stoma Society Pol-ilko, the Coalition of Oncology Patients, the Lung Cancer Association, the There and Back Foundation and the Oncology Portal Tropic of Cancer. Roche is the patron of the portal.