Anniversary Edition of the Top Disruptors in Healthcare Report: Take part in the Medical Revolution

In a world where health innovation is becoming a key element in improving healthcare, Poland is blazing a trail for a new era with a number of medical startups developing innovative solutions that are influencing the future of e-health. The Polish Federation of Hospitals, the AI in Health Coalition and the expert team at wHealth invite you to participate in the 5th anniversary edition of the Top Disruptors in Healthcare Report, presenting innovative medical startups both in the country and in the CEE region!

Enrolment is now open for the 5th anniversary edition of the Top Disruptors in Healthcare Report - an extraordinary overview of the medtech market that sheds light on the most exceptional initiatives in the CEE region. The report is an annual publication, covering detailed information about startups - including their achievements, current needs, financial data, challenges they face and plans for overseas expansion. In addition, an annex to the Report will be published in September, containing cross-sectional and insightful statistical data from the last five years.  

From teams that aren't afraid of challenges to projects that are changing the face of healthcare, the Report is an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to keep up to date with the latest trends in medtech - indicates Karolina Kornowska, author of the Top Disruptors in Healthcare report and Project Manager at wZdHealth. – Over the past five years, we have not only observed but also been part of this fascinating journey through innovative solutions, bold ideas and unique initiatives that are changing the face of healthcare. Top Disruptors in Healthcare has become not only a reflection of this constant evolution, but also an active participant in it. This year's edition aims to highlight just how much startups and healthcare have achieved over the past five years.

Last year's Report revealed fascinating trends, shedding light on the current state of the sector. The most intriguing statistics show that the number of startups operating in the field of artificial intelligence has increased significantly, more than tripling compared to the first edition of the Report. It is worth noting that medical facilities remain a consistent priority customer for these innovative companies. Another interesting phenomenon is the dynamic increase in the share of start-ups operating for six months to a year, suggesting growing activity among new players in the market. It is particularly noteworthy that three quarters of startups operate with a team of up to 15 members, employed more than half-time. Analysing the profiles of founders, it is apparent that the largest group is made up of people aged between 31 and 40, which accounted for 42% of the total respondents. However, it is worth noting in particular the alarmingly small number of startups founded by women alone - only 1% respondents.

The Top Disruptors in Healthcare Report has been helping to make valuable business contacts and reach out to healthcare providers, VC funds and potential customers for the past five years - almost half of the startups said they had made contact with at least one business partner thanks to the Report. Other benefits cited by startups participating in the Report include PR and marketing (35%).

The 5th edition of the Report will be published at the international 'AI & MEDTECH CEE' Conference on 11 June 2024. stationary in Warsaw, and online, with simultaneous interpretation.

Participation in the Report is possible by filling in the form under the link:

We also invite you to read an extended version of the 2020 - 2023 Report, information about which is available on the AI in Health Coalition website.

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